Maximizing a JFrame by default when it comes up

I’ve been playing around with JFreeCharts for a while.  The API’s perfect; the only problem is with the amount of data with labels that I wanted to show… it didn’t just fit in the dictionary of aesthetics. Best way to delude my users was to show the stuff maximized. I wanted to show a JFrame maximized by default. Here is what I did:




Here I am assuming that you wrote a class by extending from JFrame itself. If this is not the case, you need to use the instantiated object to call the ‘getExtendedState’ method. Also use JFrame to call ‘MAXIMIZED_BOTH’:


JFrame fr = …



Have fun 😉


One Response to “Maximizing a JFrame by default when it comes up”

  1. wooow….!!! good solution, thanks 🙂

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