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Installing Gnome for a headless CentOS Image for VirtualBox

Posted in Linux with tags , , , , , on November 18, 2008 by vinaychilakamarri

Was searching for VDI Linux image files to plug them into my Virtual Box and was wanting to play around with CentOS image.

This place has a gorgeous collection of images. You can pick one from them too. But the latest distribution of CentOS comes with no GUI.So I wanted to have Gnome on my new CentOS baby. Luckily it had wget, yum for rescue. Here is what I did after booting up the image and logging in as root (don’t follow this before you read entire article):

yum groupinstall “X Window System” “GNOME Desktop Environment”

After downloading a bunch of packages, it complained about the absense of  a “” package that is needed by “nautilus-sendto” package. You would see something like this:

0002483: nautilus-sendto requires a non-existent

Fortunately, it’s a known bug:

The solution is to get an rpm package and install it with nodeps option. So here is what you need to do:


After downloading the package, install it as follows:

rpm -Uvh –nodeps nautilus-sendto-0.7-5.fc6.i386.rpm

Once this is done, type in this:

yum groupinstall “X Window System” “GNOME Desktop Environment”

That’s it. Your headless centOS is equipped with Gnome!